Purpose Statement

Spirit & Mind provides a holistic approach to management of mental and behavioral health by providing children, adults, and families with the tools, resources, and strategies necessary to live their most successful life. 

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Meet the Team

We are who we say we are. We do what we say we can do.

Cami Taiwo

 Founder & CEO/QMHA 

Clark County Children's Mental Health Consortium Participant/Nationally Certified Biofeedback Practitioner and Trainer

Licensed in Administration of Stress & Wellness Assessment 

"I have been in the business of human service with multi-state experience for over 20 years.  Through Spirit & Mind, I'm available to freely serve, create, and employ best practices that will truly plant the seeds for tomorrow's harvest in the lives of people."

Marlon Blanks


Clinical Director/LCSW

"We provide IOP groups, individual, group, and family therapy to children and families of all ages.  I have 45 years of life experience and 16 years of clinical practice. I see every client as special, unique and different. Let me help you, your marriage, and your family... It's your time to win!" 

Dr. Chudi Obijekwu

Therapist/Drug and Alcohol Counselor/Clinical Professional Counselor/Master of Counseling/SAP /DDepartment of Transportation/Mind Your Books Charter School Proposed Clinical Director

Following completion of Doctoral clinical practicum at Meharry Medical College /Hubbard Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, Dr. Chudi Obijekwu proceeded to Boston School of Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts where he completed his pre – doctoral fellowship (internship) in clinical psychology. He is licensed in mental health and addictions.

Steven Jackson



"Coming from a dual parent home I wasn't always gifted with the opportunities of knowledge in certain areas of life and not because the knowledge was unavailable but because my parents coming from the south didn't understand how certain things worked in Las Vegas. So as I have grown I have always done all I can to help those that are unable or unaware of how to achieve certain goals in life. And having the opportunity​ to work with Ms. Cami Taiwo is yet another opportunity to give back to our community."

Sharnay Okeke



"I have been in the business of human service for 15 years. I have a desire to inspire before I expire! I believe in the Mission and Vision of Spirit & Mind Behavioral Services because it echos my philosophy."

Sean Jackson



"I am a lifetime student of holistic wellness strategies, and I love to contribute in any that I can to help nudge people toward wellness. We offer lots enrichment and support for families in a wraparound manner."