Purpose Statement

Spirit & Mind provides a holistic approach to management of mental and behavioral health by providing children, adults, and families with the tools, resources, and strategies necessary to live their most successful life. 

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Meet the Team

We are who we say we are. We do what we say we can do.

Cami Taiwo

 Founder & CEO/QMHA Clark County Children's Mental Health Consortium Participant/Nationally Certified Biofeedback Practitioner and Trainer

"I have been in the business of human service with multi-state experience for over 20 years. I found the motivation to start this organization after realizing that the pattern would keep repeating across the nation that there are too many people that are ill-prepared for independence. Through Spirit & Mind, I'm available to freely serve, create, and employ best practices that will truly plant the seeds for tomorrow's harvest in the lives of people."

Sharnay Okeke


"I have been in the business of human service for 15 years. I have a desire to inspire before I expire! I believe in the Mission and Vision of Spirit & Mind Behavioral Services because it echos my philosophy."

Marlon Blanks

Clinical Director/Lead Therapist/ LCSW/QMHP

"We provide IOP groups, individual, group, and family therapy to children and families of all ages.  I have 45 years of life experience and 16 years of clinical practice. I see every client as special, unique and different. Let me help you, your marriage, and your family... It's your time to win!" 

Renee Woodring



"I believe in the power of a holistic, individualized counseling approach that allows for sustainable growth and ​healing. I engage clients in a nurturing, encouraging environment that allows for a sincere therapeutic relationship that promotes personal empowerment, choice and change. I engage clients in nonjudgmental, objective processes that help them to discover and ignite the passions within rather than focus on the negative aspects of life that lead to stress, depression, anxiety and other negative mental health manifestations."

Christina Stranges



I am a Clinical Mental Health Counselor practicing in Nevada. I am a highly effective and compassionate professional emphasizing in supportive psychotherapy to help others transition into positive growth. I provide clients with tailored treatment plans that can be integrated into their daily lives.

I completed my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with honors at Medaille College in Buffalo, NY (2015). Throughout the years, I have worked with children, families, and adults. My approach is Strength-Based/Humanistic in nature. My experience includes: strength-based practices, cognitive behavioral therapy, evidence based therapy, person-centered, art therapy, and solution-focused. Outside of practice, I enjoy mediation, nature, and exercise.

I am a professional member of the American Counseling Association. In addition to my licenses’ (CPC-I-Nevada) (LPCC-Colorado), I hold several certifications. I continue to educate myself by attending workshops, current research, national and local conferences.


​My approach is Strength-Based in nature. This includes: strength-based practices, cognitive behavioral therapy, evidence based therapy, person-centered, creative arts therapy, and solution-focused. With that said, my clinical experience is, but not limited to: individual counseling, case work in foster care setting, research, clinical trials, assessments, crisis interventions, family counseling, art therapy, substance counseling, running groups, co-occurring disorders, anger management, life coaching, interpersonal relational issues, developmental issues, abuse & neglect, trauma, implicit & explicit testing, gathering data, assessments, intakes, treatment plans ,ICMP, MAPP classes, intakes, knowledge of DSM V, personal development, planning, knowledge of web based tools, wrap around services, skill building, supervising visits, completing progress notes, audits, documentation, continued training classes, weekly clinical meetings, attending court hearings, child abuse workshop, case management, documentation, and testifying on behalf of the agency in court.


• Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CACREP)

• Bachelors in Psychology

• Associates in Liberal Arts/Social Science

Lyn Sheckler

National Board and

State of Nevada Certified

Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology & Hearing Aid Dispensing Board 

"Why is Speech Therapy important? Communication is a building block upon which we construct other life skills. When communication is impaired, there is little chance for success in the classroom, in making and keeping relationships, in literacy or in learning."

Sean Jackson



"I am a lifetime student of holistic wellness strategies, and I love to contribute in any that I can to help nudge people toward wellness."

Stuart Elzy



"I love working with under-served youth and bring to the program years of service. I have a greater understanding of the special needs of the children that I serve at home and also professionally."

James Hightower



"I have a passion for helping youth find healing and direction."

John Irvin


"I am no stranger to community service and uplifting those in need. The importance of mental health rehabilitation and reform continues to be a high priority in the American population. I believe that with providing the right amount of encouragement and assistance that many people can be rehabilitated to independence."

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