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Educational Services Basic   


We support education. Twice a month on Saturdays, our clients study with Principals and Teachers at the facility. Bring everything! All homework, all projects, all schoolwork, all subjects, all grades. If school is not in session, we create individualized Standards-based lessons designed to keep your student forging ahead. If they are behind, we bring them forward. If they are ahead we inspire and challenge. Everything we do is data-driven, backed by experience, and guaranteed. Want your child on task during breaks? Bring them to us! When students are behind or on the cusp then untrained tutors operating from a script may do more harm than good by lending to miseducation or under-education. What sets us apart is experience, skill, certification, and data. We each have a proven track record of moving students into proficiency. If it were that easy to get top results, our school-system would have better ratings and outcomes for all. We are successful veterans and stand behind our guarantee. We operate from winning values and best practices. We work with all: Gifted, General, Special Education, and Adult.

Virtual Services   


We are available after service hours, when school is out, or your online school has shut down communication. We do recognize that service and availability go hand-in-hand. We believe in live v.s automated responses. On your cell phone, computer, iPad, or laptop we are just a click away! You will need one of these video conferencing platforms: Zoom, Messenger, Google Hangouts, What'sApp, WeChat, or Skype. You will be serviced by certified Principals and Educators for all subjects in the same manner as our clients that come into our facility. We service Gifted, General, Special Education, Adult, National, and International students.

#Education Doctors! Advocacy Services   $250

We correct disparity by going into the schools and meeting with Principals, Teachers, and Counselors. Our parents love for professionals to deal with professionals to get what they need and want; which is student achievement for their children, effective communication, and parental support. Not only are we effective in professional liaison services, we are equally effective in correcting what we find in student behavior and academic instruction to support student improvement in all areas. We monitor grades, progress reports, and report cards. What we find, we fix; not through mere suggestion, but by rolling up our sleeves and bridging the gaps in knowledge development and progression by applying best practices and veteran pedagogical skill. We nudge, teach, and coach the student toward excellence and mastery. We stand behind our guarantees. It's a win-win. We service Gifted, General, and Special Education students and families.

Homebased with Free Virtual Services


Home-based services include all who are learning from home whether CCSD Homebound, Virtual Academy Student, College Student, health impaired, or Non-mobile. Our Certified Principals and Educators bring the resources to you for a full line of Educational Support. We work with your student's virtual curriculum and we create a plan for your child's success that is independent and personally tailored. We work with anyone immobile, and the college student that is taking online courses. With this package you also receive a FREE BONUS gift of Virtual Services and everything it offers! We guarantee our results for you. We serve Gifted, General, Special Education, and Adult.

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