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Behavioral Health Services

We are part of the Nevada System of Care and participants of the Clark County Children's Mental Health Consortium. The mind governs the body. We are currently a Medicaid Only clinic compelled to supp​ort all people, and most especially the under-served people by ensuring that through our organization people are receiving the best psychiatric and mental health care services. People deserve the dignity of living their best lives as independently as possible. We offer pain management, medication management, intensive outpatient services, IOP groups led by Licensed Clinical Therapists,  Individual, group, and family therapy, addiction services, anxiety and depression, management for dissociative disorders and more.

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Educational Support Services

It's no secret that Nevada is at the bottom of the United States of America's National Report Card in Education. In our Supported Educational Services, we are far more than tutors. We are certified Principals and Educators each with a data-driven track record of success in student growth and achievement. We offer support and services for local, national, and international education for the gifted, general education, and the special education student. We work with students of all ages and from all walks of life. We serve Private, Public, Charter, Home-based, and Home-schooled at our facility, or via Home-based with a free Virtual services option. We offer student advocacy services by going into the schools for general education, as well as special education students. Most of our parents love for professionals to deal with professionals to get what they want; which is student achievement for their children, effective communication, and parental support. Not only are we effective in professional liaison services, we are equally effective in correcting what we find in student behavior and academic instruction to support student improvement in all areas. We monitor grades, progress reports, and report cards and what we find, we fix; not through mere suggestion, but by rolling up our sleeves and bridging the gaps in knowledge development. We nudge, teach, and coach the student toward excellence and mastery. We support IEP Transition Planning and Goal Setting for emerging young adults. We provide Dyslexia Screenings, and offer Speech Pathology with our National and Nevada State Board certified pathologist. Check out our professional profiles on the About Us Page.

Our Adult educational services consist of GED assistance, Placement exams: SAT, ACT, SBAC, PSAT, Praxis, and all state exams for all educational levels including NWEA (K-12). We help build College profiles, groom for college readiness, offer Financial aid enrollment, career readiness assessments, and connect scholarship resources all supported by fully Certified Administrators and Educators.

We are the #Education Doctors! because we get in the spaces and fix what is broken or add what is missing to bridge the gaps in knowledge by using data and Standards. Our results are GUARANTEED. Look for some data above; here on the home page of the website, and check out our educational testimonials page. We do what we say we can do! 

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Other Services

We offer wraparound services to assist with housing crisis. We have a certified Notary service. We communicate as a liaison between teachers and parents in order to keep students on track and organized especially Students with Special Needs being serviced with IEP's. We hold Character Development courses, Bullying Prevention, and Executive Skills Classes for our youth. For College Readiness clients we match college profiles with grades and scores to help determine best placement.  We develop scholarship plans, provide financial aid enrollment assistance, and direct toward resources for scholarships. 

We offer Community Credit Education Counseling with a proven track record of successful disputes, debt removal, credit restoration, and financial counseling with our Credit Counselor Sham Lewis. 

We're a one-stop-shop of hope and good tidings! Do you just need a hot cup of coffee and a trusted person to sit with you and talk about how to set and reach short and long term goals? 

We offer Spanish translation with our certified translator, Santiago Paredez.

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We serve you in a State-of-the art facility

Here is where we hold services in our beautiful facility at 7455 Arroyo Crossing Pkwy, Suite 220, Las Vegas Nevada 89113. Our certified Psychiatrist Dr. Mahakian M.D. is a licensed psychiatrist in Las Vegas, Nevada. He received his medical degree from George Washington University School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

We hold IOP groups with Licensed Therapists and conduct individual and family counseling by licensed clinical social workers. We provide resources and training in life skills, parenting classes, job readiness training, and rehabilitative services by certified BST and PSR providers.

Our educational services are under the direction of our Lead Administrator, Camille Taiwo. We service all students from Pre-Kindergarten through College in all subjects. We have Students with Special Needs Educators that are trained in working with the Autism Spectrum. We work with the legal academic and behavioral components in your child's IEP and develop Standards-based products to meet those needs. Our Special Education Services are unrivaled, supported with fidelity to the law, and headed by Sharnay Okeke, our very own certified Special Education Facilitator. Check out our #Education Doctors! Page for a list of Education Services.